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Sandy Feet and Wet Seats

Ocean City, MD

September 16-20, 2016

Author:  Vanessa

Who doesn’t love a trip to the beach? This is mid September and we are visiting the beach in Ocean City, Maryland. It is a wonderful 78 degrees. The beach itself is really lovely. The sand is soft and the water, once you’ve been in it for a few minutes, is warm.

One of the best things about this beach this time of year is the lack of tourists. The beach is not overcrowded and the breeze is simply magnificent! Pack your beach chair and an umbrella to save yourself the cost of renting them. The average we’ve seen is $15 for an umbrella and between $8 – $15 for chairs.

There’s no free parking so it’s best to book a room at one of the hotels and just walk to the beach.


There are plenty of places to eat and the food is reasonably priced on Ocean City Blvd as well as the Boardwalk. To save time, we like to pack pre cooked food and fresh sliced fruit to enjoy so we can stay on the beach the entire day. This is a great option considering there are no food vendors on this side the beach(45th street).

We visited Seacrets for dinner and it was a delightful surprise. Upon entering you are greeted with the sights and sounds of Jamaica. There’s sand and Palm trees as well as several bars and stages with different music. They even have tables in the water for you if you’d like to drink or dine in the bay. You can even ride up on your jet ski and anchor it right there!! The food is tasty and the ambiance is so relaxing. We had a booth outside right by the water so our view of the sunset was just beautiful. We will definitely be returning the next time we are in OC.

Check the Ocean City website before scheduling your vacation. If you are not a motorcycle enthusiast, avoid Bike Week. The motorcycle pipes are loud and the noise extends until the wee hours of the night. If you are a light sleeper like me, book either a Bay side or Beach Side room so the noise is not so overwhelming. Fortunately the fest was pretty much over on Saturday so most of the riders had vacated by Sunday morning. Our Sunday night was a very peaceful and quiet!



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