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1 Time for the Land

Cleveland, Ohio October 24-27, 2016

Author: Jetta

When I booked my flight weeks ago, never did I think it would coincide with one of the greatest sports nights in the history of professional sports. The “Land” is what they call it. CleveLAND that is. This is the house that football legend Jim Brown built back in the 1960s and that LeBron James has rebuilt in the new millennium.

Tuesday, Oct. 25th, is Game 1 of the World Series where the home team; the Cleveland Indians, face off against the visiting team, the Chicago Cubs. At the same time, just across the way, the 2016 NBA Champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers, kick off the new NBA season against the New York Knicks. They are also slated to receive their championship rings before a sold out crowd at Quicken Loans Arena. The atmosphere throughout the city is electric! Indian and Cavalier gear is everywhere. You couldn’t escape the fan frenzy, even if you tried.

My work this week requires me to be all over the surrounding area. The home base for me is in Independence, Ohio and although I haven’t done much exploring as I would have wanted, I did get to downtown Cleveland to see the sights of Progressive Field and all that #23, King James, has bought to this City.

Tonight is Game 7 of the World Series. The Cubs willed themselves to force a Game 7 against the Indians and the city of Cleveland is rocking! Regardless of how the World Series or the NBA season ends, Cleveland is perhaps one of the most exciting places to be in at the moment and I am just happy to have been in the midst.

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