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Travel for Work? No Problem, Thanks to Nutrisystem I’m in the Best Shape of my Life!

Author: Vanessa

Over the last 27 years I have lost an exceptional amount of weight many times but never made it to my goal weight.  Each time I’d get to a comfortable size or within 15-20 pounds of my goal and then I’d stop trying.  Maintaining a healthy diet has been especially hard having a job that requires me to travel 75% of the time for over 11 years.

In 2010, after losing 30 pounds, I was very active. I danced in the church Dance Ministry, I taught bellydance aerobics and was at a comfortable weight.  Unfortunately I tore a ligament in my knee requiring surgery which put me out of commission for 9 months.  I never realized how much I enjoyed working out until I couldn’t.  During that 9 months I not only lost most of the muscle tone in my left leg, I also gained over 50 pounds.

In 2012 I reached 224 pounds and a size 22/24 so I finally decided to make a change.  Through diet and exercise I lost 50 pounds that year.  But just like all the times before, I got comfortable and didn’t keep up the healthy habits I had been practicing, I also got lazy.  So I ended up gaining back a large amount of the weight. For some strange reason I’ve always thought that losing the weight was the only thing I needed to do.  I started back eating the way I did in 2012 but the weight didn’t come off.

I realized I needed something different.

I considered Nutrisystem but was concerned that I may not like the food.  So I bought one of the Nutrisystem boxes that is sold at Walmart.  I was pleasantly surprised that everything I tried was delightfully tasty and the counselors were so helpful!  I ended up buying 3 more boxes.  What was even better, the meals were all shelf stable so they were perfect for when I had to travel for work.  All I needed to do was hit the grocery store and get my fruits and veggies and I was all set!!

Then, on Cyber Monday in November 2013 I got an incredible offer from Nutrisystem that I could not refuse.  So I placed my order and on December 2nd I “Officially” started the program and in 11 months I released 50 pounds!!!


This time around I have a completely different mindset.  For the first time In my adult life, I am confident and happy with my weight.  At any rate, I have a new attitude toward my nutritional and fitness goals.  Nutrisystem has really changed the way I face my everyday challenges.  I have learned to set and celebrate my small victories.

I’ve finally come to realize that losing the weight is only the first leg of the journey and it isn’t even the hardest part.  Keeping the weight off is the real test.  And the first step is changing the way you look at food.  I’m so thankful to have found Nutrisystem.  I’m loving my new body and my new found perspective on food and fitness.

The most amazing thing about my success with Nutrisystem is that I have been fortunate to go on 4 photoshoots for print and commercials for Nutrisystem and I got to work with Anthony “Sully” Sullivan, the OxyClean Guy!


Click Here to see one of my Nutrisystem commercials!!

And to top it off, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Marie Osmond on 2 infomercials! I’ve lost 50 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. Thanks to Nutrisystem, my mind has been motivated and my body has followed!!  I’ve lost 50 pounds and am in the best shape of my life!!

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