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Dare to Dream, Dare to Believe

Quito, Ecuador

August 10, 2017

Author: Jetta

You’ve heard the saying “all those who wander are not lost.” We found ourselves in this precarious position of desiring to wander the world. Yesterday that dream came true.

It took a little over 3 weeks to say our goodbyes to our DMV (D.C., Maryland & Virginia) friends and family and a little over 2 weeks to do the same with our Atlanta/Georgia family. It was fun, sad and very hard to do, but as I sit here and reflect, I’d say we accomplished the feat with aplomb. We learned many things throughout the experience:

First, who knew that Ancestry DNA testing would be so complicated. We did the testing late last year and revealed the results on Christmas day, 2016. If you didn’t catch the video, you can view it here at OWOW DNA Results . The testing was done solely for the purpose of determining what countries to explore in our travels. We figured wherever our ancestry and ethnicity was traced to is what would help us to narrow down the countries to explore in our travels. Little did we know that it would open up so many heartbreaking and fascinating details about our family history and past. Learning some of those details was crushing. We are thankful that it did not last long and failed in its attempt to distract or destroy us. If anything, we learned just how much we are valued and loved. We also got the opportunity to see that love manifest in so many ways during our last days in the States.

We are appreciative of all of the trials endured and to find ourselves in the position we are in today, we can’t help but be humble. Our arrival in Ecuador last night had us both on cloud nine because we’ve dreamed and planned for this moment for so long. As a result, we’ve decided that reclaiming our time starts now (thank you Maxine Waters :)). From now on we will spend our days and nights doing the things we absolutely love and enjoy and invite you to join in with us because not only is our dream worth pursuing; so is yours.

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