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Pisac, Cusco, Perú
December 31-February 28, 2017
Author: Jetta Washington

Who wouldn’t love being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mountains on every side?

Who wouldn’t want to learn a new language?


Who doesn’t love chocolate?

We experienced all of the above, and not only did we experience it, we did so while working as volunteers for ChocoMuseo located in the Sacred Valley of Pisac, Peru.

Making chocolate from Peruvian Cacao, ChocoMuseo’s use of natural and organic ingredients in their products allows them to sell not only chocolate candy, but also a bevy of other items including; beauty products, liqueurs, teas, jams, energy bars, artisanal beers, desserts, hot  chocolate drinks and more.

With a variety of combinations offered, the Museum is creative in that they sell chocolate bars that are infused with everything; from mango to coconut and from goldenberry to maca. With so many flavors to choose from, the option to combine the flavors with either dark, milk or white chocolate; many patrons have a Disney World like experience as we’ve often heard them say “they are all so darn good!”

In addition to making and selling chocolate, ChocoMuseo also explains the history of Cacao, the different types of Cacao that exist and the extensive production process that goes into each chocolate bar that they make. It is really fascinating! The chocolate workshops are available to all patrons and the store even houses a cafe that serves both cold and hot drinks and sweet desserts.

Photo in the museum of cacao pods
Luis sharing his knowledge with customers about the chocolate making process in an extensive workshop

Working five days a week, 8 hours a day, our time was spent in a number of ways. For the first month, we primarily worked in the Museum greeting tourists and guests with samples of chocolate. The following month, we combined the greeting with giving tours of the facility, product overview, working in the cafe while also providing digital photography, digital video, graphic art design and social media marketing services for the Museum.

First day as volunteers at ChocoMuseo Pisac (NYE 2017)
Photographing chocolate workshop for the kiddies 🙂
Digital photography and graphic art created by OWOW Designs & J. Hunter Photography for ChocoMuseo Pisac
The Swiss knows chocolate, but they even got in on the fun by participating in one of our workshops.
January 2018 Tour of Machu Picchu

Our time at ChocoMuseo and in the Sacred Valley of Pisac has been the best experience we’ve had abroad thus far. We learned how to make chocolate, we visited a number of Inca ruins (including Machu Picchu), we learned some things about Andean culture that we intend to carry with us forever, we met people from all over the world, including; Africa, Argentina, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, the USA and every other place imaginable and we also have made life long friends.

Friends for Life!
When Cusco and Pisac ChocoMuseo workers come together #themashup

As we prepare to leave the Sacred Valley and venture on further south to our next stop of Arequipa and then Santiago, Chile, we can’t help but give thanks to the Universe.  ~ Ashe’

Enjoying Carnavale Festivities (Feb. 2018)


If you are interested in experiencing life abroad in this way, go to www.worldpackers.com. Should you decide to join, the fee is $49.00 per year.

Best of Luck!

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