Bristol Harbor

Bristol, Rhode Island
October 19, 2016

Author: Jetta

The drive to Bristol Harbor, Rhode Island is one for the ages! The sun is setting as we wind through twists, turns, Mount Hope Bridge, Narragansett Bay and all the other sites this beautiful harbor town offers.

It’s one thing to tell, but another to show. Here are a couple of photos captured from the route:




We parked our cars, walked through the harbor area and picked a restaurant on the water for dining. Thames WaterSide Bar & Grill was an excellent choice. The seafood is so fresh that the fishermen hand pick your lobster from the very waters you see depicted below, with the restaurant preparing it for you on the spot!
After a few drinks and a great meal, the sun has completely gone down and the night fall is upon us. The ambience, the service, the conversation, and the views from our dining table have been nothing short of spectacular! It was truly an unforgettable experience; one that words simply cannot describe.

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