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The Cove Restaurant

Fall River, Massachusetts October 17, 2016 For amazing travel deals click here. Author: Jetta


3:00 a.m. is an early start. The day has been filled with travel through airports and baggage claim. Now that my business meetings have concluded, I am able to check into my hotel to wine down for the evening. I am a bit tired from the early morning flight and ready to turn in for the evening, but not without finding a good meal to settle upon. I ask my client for recommendations on where to eat and I am presented with a few options. I picked one of his suggestions and it turned out to be the best decision I could have made for the evening. The Cove Restaurant in Fall River is known for its fresh seafood and its seaport atmosphere. Naval ship “Big Mamie” or what most know as “Battleship Massachusetts” is docked on the water near The Cove Restaurant, giving its patrons a rare and beautiful landscape view to go along with their meal, making the experience that much better!

Walking into the restaurant on a Monday, after 8PM, with what seemed to be a pretty slow night with a skeleton crowd, I did not know what to expect. Standing at the hostess table, waiting for a hostess to come and seat you is a frightening experience when its late and you are tired and hungry. Again, I stood there not knowing what to expect because I had not been at this particular establishment before (well maybe not at The Cove, but at other restaurants; on many other occasions, only to be ignored). Just when I expect the worst, in walks a young lady from my peripheral, who has her coat on and purse in hand. She appears to be off for the night and about to exit the restaurant; however, she took notice of me and asked if I had been helped. When I responded that I had not, she immediately seated me. I absolutely love pleasant surprises and this was my second surprise of the day!

How many times have you been seated at a table only to have your server to take forever to address you or your needs? Unfortunately, in my experience as a solo traveler, this happens more often than not. Not knowing what to expect at The Cove after having been seated, I was surprised again, when a server addressed me and although I was not seated in her area, she took care of my needs – so much so that at the end of the night, I left a tip that was nearly the equivalent price of the meal.

Looking over the menu I was torn over what to order because the written description of the entrees were all excellent. I asked my server, Courtney for her input, and she helped me to narrow down my decision. For the night, I ordered the baked scallops with prosciutto sauce, which came with squash, carrots, beans and and roasted potatoes. Because I was torn between the baked scallops and the shrimp mozambique. Courtney, bought out some shrimp mozambique sauce and bread so that I could have a taste of a local favorite. Shrimp Mozambique is an entree of sauteed shrimp set in a semi spicy garlic saffron sauce. It is served over rice with white wine and butter.


Mozambique is a small country in southeast Africa. I am familiar with Mozambique because I once sponsored a child there through a child sponsorship organization. I ended up learning as much as I could about Mozambique because of my connection with my sponsored child and her family.

Mozambique was once a Portuguese colony and later a member state of Portugal. It was until 1975 that the country gained its independence from Portugal. Not really understanding the connection with Mozambique, Portugal and Massachusetts, I asked Courtney about Massachusetts and moreso about the Fall River area. It was then that I learned that Massachusetts has a largest number of residents with ancestry from Portugal in the United States. For this reason, you will find several Portuguese dishes, festivals and celebrations throughout the Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut areas.

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