Pisac, Cusco, Perú December 31-February 28, 2017 Author: Jetta Washington Who wouldn't love being surrounded by beautiful landscapes and mountains on every side? Who wouldn’t want to learn a new language? AND Who doesn’t love chocolate? We experienced all of the above, and not only did we experience it, we did so while working as … Continue reading FOR THE LOVE OF CHOCOLATE!


Higher Ground: A Run for the Hills

Pisac, Cusco, Perú December 21-31, 2017 Author: Jetta Washington   Traveling is pure excitement! The planning, the execution, the idea of a new and unexplored destination, the mystery of the unknown, the unfolding of an experience that is forever ingrained in your heart and mind; never to be taken away or erased. From Lima to … Continue reading Higher Ground: A Run for the Hills