Weipantru- Chile 🇨🇱 2018

Papudo, Chile (Valaparíso Region)
June 22, 2018
Author: Jetta Washington

I have a true fondness and keen interest in native cultures. Winter Solstice is one of the most important dates in the indigenous world. In the Mapudungun language it is known as Wetripantu. The Wetripantu celebration marks the New Year for the natives, with the death of the sun and the longest night of the entire year, because after the day is done, the sun is reborn and more and more light comes the next day and thereafter.

The Mapuche people of Chile 🇨🇱 held this sacred ritual in a sector of Papudo and it was an honor and a privilege to be invited to participate. The look on the faces of our students was one of sheer reverence & curiosity. It served as a reminder to give thanks for everything (including those things we sometimes deem rather small) and to bloom forward, letting go of the past regardless of how dark or troubling it may have been. After the ceremony, we all ate from the same plate and drank from the same cup.

As our volunteer teaching in Chile comes to a close and we travel through various countries, we learn more and more about the communities and can’t help but be transformed by the experiences.

Happy Solistico De Invierno!


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