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Welcome to OWOW

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Through world travel and our unique artistry, it is our goal to inspire and motivate YOU in turning your most extravagant imaginations into a tangible reality.

After decades of traveling for Corporate America, we’ve finally made the bold decision to take a leap of faith and travel the world in our own way and on our own terms.

Hello and welcome to our website, Our World Our Way! The site was created with you in mind, the hard worker with dreams of traveling the globe. Imagine if we asked you to name all the things you love. How long would it take for you to name yourself? In asking ourselves this question, love of travel and helping others has always topped our list.

‘Life’ and ‘Living’ are distinctively different. We’ve discovered that although we’ve been blessed with ‘life’, we are not ‘living’ out our most radical dreams. The famous poet, Langston Hughes once asked, “what happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry it up like a raisin in the sun or fester like a sore?” A dream is just a dream until it becomes a reality.

So how do we combine the things that we love to do and are most passionate about with the person we should love the most? How do we make sure that 5, 7 or 10 years from now we are living a life that we chose as opposed to one we settled for?

Let us help you to merge those thoughts together in a way that will ultimately motivate and inspire you to find your own way and path in this world.


Jetta & Vanessa

We are OWOW
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