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Welcome to Our World Our Way
In 2017, we sold all our belongings and set out to explore the world in Our own way and on Our own terms. We have been traveling through South America discovering new places, new foods and meeting people from all over the world.  Along the way we have learned, through trial and error, some of the best ways to travel and save money while doing so.
Ask yourself:
  1. When you travel are you more concerned with staying in a fancy hotel with all the amenities, or do you just need a comfortable, clean and safe space to lay your head at night?
  2. Are you seeking out new experiences or just pictures to post on FB, IG and Twitter?
  3. Do you want a memorable trip or just a stamp in your passport?
  4. Do you want to do the “Touristy” things or find out how the locals live?
These are all questions we have asked ourselves in traveling over the last year.  What we have found is that it doesn’t cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to travel internationally.  In some cases, it requires you to think outside of the box. Well, we have done the thinking for you and we are ready to help you achieve your travel goals.
Whether you are planning a weekend get away, a business trip, a vacation or even moving to a new destination, we would like to help take the burden off of you by assisting you in the research and planning of your trip.
Fill out the Contact us form today to begin your journey to anywhere your passport allows you to go.  Let us help you travel the world in YOUR  own way and on YOUR own terms.

We offer the following services:


Travel Consultation for vacations and long term travel

Travel Budgeting, Consultation

Website Consultation



Website Design

Logo Design

Book Cover Design


T-Shirt Design

Tattoo Design

Restaurant Menu Design


English Lessons

Website translation (Spanish to English)

Please fill out the contact form below for more information on the services we provide.

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